Road Trip: A Vegan Food Tour of the South (Part 1)

We set out on our road trip to see friends and family, do some climbing, and to check out some vegan eateries, and that we did. However being vegan, our road trip quickly turned to a mini food tour! So here is our write up of all the great vegan food we enjoyed!

vegan treats

Our first stop (besides dropping our compost off at the green market on our way out) was at the one and only Vegan Treats in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Vegan Treats delivers their decadent treats to some of our favorite vegan joints here in NYC, so it was exciting to go straight to the source. We felt like little kids walking into a candy store, it was overwhelming for sure.

vegan treats
So many sweets to choose from and yet we couldn’t eat them all. We did however share a boston cream donut there and bought a pecan sticky cinnamon bun and a peanut butter cup cake to go. We packed them in our Sanctus Mundo containers and were on our way, having done way less damage than we were capable of!

black bear burritos, west virginia

Our next stop was in Morgantown, West Virginia. We figured this would be our best chance at finding vegan food before we arrived at our next stop, Summersville Lake, West Virginia. After looking up places to eat on the site HappyCow, we decided to check out Black Bear Burritos. At Black Bear, we enjoyed the Thai One On, this was tofu in a sweet peanut curry sauce with steamed broccoli, grilled pineapple, rice, and fresh spinach, wrapped in a spinach tortilla and topped with alfalfa sprouts and sunflower seeds. The atmosphere at Black Bear was friendly, the service was good, the food was tasty, and the prices are great compared to NYC prices. Once you place your order, you are handed a pink eye toy … table marker … handle with care. With our bellies full we were on our way to Summersville Lake, West Virginia. Arriving late, to a place unknown to Google maps, we hungout with our friend and then turned in for the night. We had a big day of climbing ahead of us, in The New River Gorge.


After a fun day of climbing, our friend brought us to a mexican restaurant in Fayetteville, West Virginia named DiOGi’s (clever name … right) for dinner. From the outside DiOGi’s doesn’t look like much but inside there is a great atmosphere, friendly service, and some of the best vegan mexican food we have had! Our friend had told the server that we were vegan and she was quick to help us order. We skipped are usual guacamole since DiOGi’s puts egg in their guacamole! Crazy … right! That is just wrong. So instead we started with chips, salsa, and DiOGi’s refried black beans. We also ordered a salad with coconut that was mighty tasty. For our entree we went with the vegetable fajitas and a side of spicy papas. The server informed us that their veggies were usually prepared in butter but she could have the veggies cooked in an oil instead. We had her hold all the normal dairy sides that you have to hold when you go to a regular mexican joint such as sour cream and cheese, Our dinner was delicious and this is definitely the spot to hit up after a fun day of climbing. One of our favorite details of the decoration in DiOGi’s was all the pictures of dogs! We can’t wait to get back to West Virginia to do more climbing and eat at DiOGi’s.

three rivers market

On our drive from Summersville Lake, West Virginia to Chattanooga, Tennessee, we decided to find a spot in route to stop for dinner. Again checking out the handy dandy HappyCow, we found a place called The Tomato Head. Once we got there though we learned that it wasn’t open on the day we were there so we went back to HappyCow and decided to check out Three River’s Market co-op. We were super happy we did, this place was awesome! Three Rivers Market is a locally–owned, independent, grocery store selling natural foods, organic fruits and vegetables, and bulk foods. They also have a plentiful hot bar and salad bar with plenty of vegan options in the market which we happily enjoyed. The food was delicious and totally hit the spot. The market was very clean and modern looking and definitely a place we would do our shopping if we lived in the area. With a delicious meal in our bellies, we hopped back into the car and headed towards our next destination, Chattanooga! (Stay tuned for part 2)

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