Teal Cat Project

The Teal Cat ProjectWe first heard about The Teal Cat Project, founded by Isa Chandra Moskowitz: one of our favorite vegan authors, back in August. At the time they had just launched their first campaign, for $25 (plus shipping) you got a unique and stylish teal cat. The money goes directly towards their affiliated kitty cat rescue programs. Each cat is up-cycled with teal paint, and outfitted with a numbered tag for authenticity. Our number is 65. They are currently all sold out of the up-cycled ceramic teal cats, but have new Teal Cat Plush Dolls, made from recycled fabrics and hand-sewn by Panda With Cookie.

NoahGreyWe are grateful to have our two rescue kitties living with us, but there are many more kitties out there that are not as fortunate. Projects like this really make a difference in the lives of animals, so please stop by and check out The Teal Cat Project.

Noah and Grey warming up to their new teal friend.

Noah and Grey with Teal Cat

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